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Self Care - Houseplants

Studies show that plants really can improve our wellbeing, leading to a boost in mood, memory, and productivity. One study in Norway assessed the impact of introducing plants to your home, office or school which led to fewer coughs, headaches, and fatigue.
Most of us know that air pollution caused by traffic is bad for our health. But the reality is that indoor air pollution has been linked to a range of health problems, like asthma, wheezing and eczema. Houseplants are nature’s way to purify the air in our homes/offices.
Plants that give most benefits are those that are fast-growing, thirsty such as peace lilies and devil’s ivy. Plants which need lots of sunlight, photosynthesize more and grow more quickly have the biggest benefit. For a small room at least five or six plants to have a measurable impact on CO2 concentration. Plants which are lower maintenance might be less beneficial.
If you’re looking for the greatest benefits, place them in the brightest corner and make sure they get enough light and water. Being nice and talking to them will certainly help. Plants are influenced by all of the environmental changes around them and respond to the vibrations of nearby sound which influence their growth .Plants also increase photosynthesis production in response to carbon dioxide, which is a by-product of human speech.
Good all-rounders and relatively easy-to-grow plants include peace lilies, money plant, devil’s ivy, spider plant & dragon plant to name a few.


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