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Self-Care Jars

Self-care jars, what are they and why would we need one? 

Watch Kenmare Family Resource Centre's link worker Paula and Community Development Officer Christine, demonstrate how to make your own beautiful self-care jar at home. Read more below on what they're all about -
Self-care is important for our mental and physical health. Without taking the time to care for ourselves we leave ourselves susceptible to burnout, mental, physical and emotional distress. Self-care is a great way to restore our connection to ourselves and take a moment to breath.
One of the best tool-kits to facilitate self-care is a self-care jar. The jar can act as a prompt and reminder of all the ways you can look after yourself and indulge in some me-time. By writing out different self-care activities and placing them in the jar, you can easily pick one out to inspire your next self-care activity any day of the week, without the added pressure of trying to think of ideas on the spot!

Why not make one for yourself by following the steps in the video below click on the link to view


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