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Happy to chat

Happy to Chat

Happy to chat bench signs have been installed in Kenmare in a joint venture with Kenmare Family Resource Centres Linkworker and Kenmare Tidy Towns.
The four benches located in Kenmare, which are fitted with 'Happy to Chat' plaques in order to invite passers-by to stop and engage in a friendly chat with those sitting on the bench.
By providing a platform for people to support one another and offering genuine connection we can increase compassion and empathy, reduce the rate of loneliness and boost the level of healthy conversation that happens in our community.
Some people may go days or even weeks without the simplest of human contact, so the 'Chat Bench' seeks to break down that social barrier and allow us to all say 'Hello'.

We hope the signs help break down the invisible social barriers that sometimes exist between people who are sharing the common space of a bench.
Loneliness and isolation persist in Kenmare, despite a friendly and bighearted community, so new approaches to encourage and facilitate engagement and interaction are required…. now more than ever.
The benches are an opportunity for us all to make a connection with someone new.

“Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy” Gretta Palmer

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