Kenmare Family Resource Centre

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Kenmare Family Resource Centre


Our Services


Low cost counselling

Supported by Kenmare FRC in partnership with local counsellors.  Contact Kenmare FRC directly on 064 6642790 to discuss options. 


Art Therapy

Please contact the centre directly on 064 6642790 to book an appointment.  Art Therapy is available to children over the age of 6 years and teens.

Child and Adolescent counselling

Offered weekly supported by Kenmare FRC in partnership. Child and adolescent counselling aims to help children cope better with their emotions, understand problems, develop necessary coping skills and make positive choices. During counselling children are encouraged to explore and express their feelings through one of many media depending on the child’s individual preference. To make an appointment for child and adolescent please contact Kenmare Family Resource Centere on 064 6642790.


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