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Anam Cara Parental & Sibling Bereavement Support Group have asked us to share the following information

Anam Cara Parental & Sibling Bereavement Support Group have asked us to share the following:

On Saturday 7th November, Anam Cara will be remembering all families who have experienced the death of a precious son or daughter. Since 2009 we have hosted a annual remembrance event that brought families together, from all over Ireland. This event is always on the first Saturday in November, a difficult time of the year, with the dark cold evenings and the 'festive' season around the corner!

This year due to the global pandemic and current restrictions, we cannot bring our families together ‘face to face’ however, that will not stop us from giving them an opportunity to remember their child in a special way.

Anam Cara are going to bring bereaved families together and connect them virtually.

The details are:

Anam Cara 'Remembers' at Midday on Saturday 7th November 2020.

Anam Cara have set up a special page (click on this link) to bring parents to our website where they can;

  • Leave a message in memory of their son or daughter in the Anam Cara Remembrance book
  • Request for us to send them our special commissioned Anam Cara ‘Remembrance Card’ ,which will be personalised with their child’s name and can be framed.
  • We will also send families wild flower seed pack, a reminder there are brighter days ahead
  • On Saturday 7th November to light a candle and listen to the inspiring song 'Rise Up' which we have chosen to unite all bereaved families at Midday.

We are also asking local and national radio stations to play this song after the midday news on that Saturday in memory of all bereaved families who have suffered the loss of a loved one this year.

Finally, Anam Cara recognises what a challenging year it has been for everyone and in particular parents whose son or daughter has died. A simple idea like this could just be enough for these bereaved mothers and fathers to help them feel they are part of a bigger community of bereaved families. We also need them to be aware there is support and solidarity available to them, that they are not alone in these very tough times

Please click on the link below for more information:

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